Why do I need my Boiler Serviced?

Servicing keeps your boiler working reliably, especially during the cold spells which we experience most winters, we will clean and test it to ensure that it is working safely and at its maximum efficiency.
All Boiler Manufacturers recommend that their boilers are serviced at least every year and it is also a requirement that it is serviced annually if under warranty.

I already have breakdown insurance for my boiler, do i still need my boiler serviced?

Many boiler insurance products include a safety check or inspection which in reality lasts only a few minutes.
This safety inspection will only tell you that your boiler is safe or not safe to use at the time of inspection and is similar in ideology to the annual car M.O.T.
With a proper boiler service lasting up to an hour, we both clean your boiler and carry out a much more in-depth look at your boiler and the heating system to check that it should be working reliably through the coldest parts of the year.
A service is also important to prolong the life of your boiler and is like a full car service that you would have in addition to an M.O.T.

How do I know that my Boiler has actually been serviced?

Essentially a boiler service involves giving it a good clean out and testing its function and safety.
A proper boiler service can take up-to an hour and you’re welcome to watch and ask questions.
Our engineers will complete a servicing checklist and record the details of any tests carried out.
A copy of this paperwork will be left with you.

What happens if parts need replacing on my boiler?

If we advise that parts need replacing or extra work is required we will discuss this with you and agree a cost.
We recommend that once every 3-4 years a full strip down of the boiler is carried out and various seals and sensors be replaced, this ensures reliability and costs around £100 on top of the usual cost of servicing.

I am out at work all day, do you have evening or weekend appointments?

Yes you can book an engineer at any time that suits you or alternatively some of our customers leave a key in an agreed place or with a neighbour to allow us access.

Do I need a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate?

If you are the owner of a building that is used for anything other than your own residence then the answer is probably yes; Also you may need one if you rent out a room in your home to a lodger or use it partially for business purposes.
If in doubt check with your Buildings Insurer whether you will need a certificate for the use that you require.

Do I need a Carbon Monoxide Alarm?